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Hi! I'm Paige. 

I'm an energetic, collaborative, strategic, participatory and creative qualitative UX Researcher.  I currently work at on the SMB  team with 50+ other researchers. I'm embedded on a product team that is building tools to help fast growing employers find the candidates they need regularly. 

Based in Seattle, I enjoy cold water swimming in the Puget Sound (see my blog below), hiking, trail running, backpacking in the mountains, traveling and crafting. 

UX Projects


Kendall Avery, Lead Researcher, Rider Experience, Uber

"Paige and I met at a networking event and I'm so happy that our connection has lasted since.


Paige is someone I can count on to have energizing conversations with around new trends and techniques within the research community. Her dedication to skills development and the way that she engages with her peers elevates the quality of our work, too. When I think determination and growth mindset, Paige stands out among the rest."

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