A Collaborative and Mission-Driven UX Researcher

I am a UX Researcher with interests in healthcare and experience in dental health, substance abuse prevention, food justice issues, and HIV/STI prevention. 


I've worked in digital communications, QA, project management, product management and user-centered participatory research at non-profits, startups and software companies. I can empathize with all roles involved in the product development lifecycle due to these experiences. 


I was recently interviewed by Validately (a UserZoom company) about involving stakeholders in the research process, you can check it out here


Hi! I'm Paige

A cultural anthropology major in college, UX is a natural fit. I enjoy learning about people and examining how they interact with their environment. I believe successful, engaging products are the result of listening to what people need, what they care about and their motivations. 

Ambitious, motivated and tireless inside and outside of work, I'm a constant explorer. I get excited about teamwork, communication and problem solving (especially when it involves backpacking in the mountains or working with a product dev team). 

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and camping; painting quirky, colorful outdoor-inspired scenes; practicing yoga and meditation; sailing and kayaking; WWOOFing and gardening; road-tripping throughout the beautiful PNW and west coast; running; long-distance open water swimming (recently featured in the Mountaineers, too), antiquing, and starring in the occasional music video produced by local Seattle artists. I'm active and always ready for the next great adventure!

I also recently wrote a children's book using all of my paintings - you can buy it on Blurb.com!



Mike Solomon, Director of Program Management at Group Nine Media

"Paige is a pleasure to work with.


She brings her outstanding work ethic, high-energy, and problem-solving skills to each team that she works with.  As a result, the teams are improved through tighter organization, fluid communication, and general life-happiness when working with Paige.

If your team is looking for someone with integrity, commitment, intelligence, and a great personality, look no further."

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