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Project Management

Research Process Management

  • Full lifecycle management with multiple systems (TypeForm, MailChimp, Craigslist, Zoom, Gmail, Calendly, etc.) 

  • Stakeholder discovery, research plan development, recruiting, data collection, analysis, presentation + recommendations

Process Improvements

  • I've created new project management processes for software teams using JIRA Portfolio.​

  • I've managed bug & new feature ticketing, QA and release processes for a front-end development team.

Agile Rituals and Methodologies

  • I've helped move a front-end team from a Kanban to Scrum framework. 
  • I've lead daily standups, backlog grooming sessions, sprint planning meetings, and retrospectives with my team. 

Product Management and QA

Product Conceptualization

  • I've helped to suggest feature improvements to existing products and provide UX feedback to the Visual/UX Design teams and Engineering teams. 

  • I've worked across teams (Editorial, Visual Merchandising, Data/Analytics, Front and Back-End Engineering, etc.) to conceptualize and launch new product features for e-commerce, media websites and design software.

Quality Assurance

  • I developed and executed QA scripts, aiding in the discovery of critical bugs impacting purchase flows.

  • I've meticulously reviewed visual design and UI/UX specs to ensure features are developed appropriately by devs and shipped 100% accurately. 

  • I participated in the overhaul of JackThread's website. This included a complete redesign, checkout experience and new business model. While working on the team, we piloted "Try Outs." ​This involved QA of the following main pages: 

    • Navigation Redesign

    • Product Grids​ (example)

    • Product Detail Pages (example)

    • QuickBuy feature

    • Save for Later/Favorite feature 

    • New Slide Cart

    • Checkout Page 

      • New "Try Out" user flow ​ 


Research Skill Training

  • "Interviewing 101: Understanding Your Customers" workshop development and facilitation

  • Empathy-building workshop development and facilitation

Product and Process Training

  • While at Brikit, I taught lessons to clients and coworkers on information hierarchy/design, content strategy, Theme Press platform features and components, ​and IA. 

  • I've documented new processes for software teams and trained coworkers on changes to existing process. 

Working with Remote Teams

  • With 2 years working remotely, I know how to work collaboratively and closely with UX, engineering, and product teams distributed around the globe. 

  • I've also led 100% remote product trainings for clients.  ​

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